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Frankly, I am writing this endorsement with huge hesitation, as the APM system has given us a massive competitive advantage over the past two years, and we do not want others to be using what I consider to be our "secret weapon".

The ability for us to offer our affiliates and JV partners instant payments on sales is massive.

And the instant pay format also saves us big dollars by not needing an accounting person to handle affiliate payments.

 There's far more benefit than just that--we continually find more ways in which the software can enhance our business. 

Ken Krell





I am beyond impressed with APM. It does much more than any other system on the market today.

There are a few key features that set APM apart from the competition.

The first is, of course, the price.. APM costs much less than any of the other high-end systems.

The second is instant payments.. my affiliates no longer need to wait 30 days or longer to get paid, I no longer need to spend hours calculating affiliate payments, and - thanks to APM - 3rd party fees to utilize instant payments is a thing of the past.

Another unique feature is that APM can be used as a standalone system or be easily integrated into any current system.

And the list of features goes on. In fact, there are hundreds - maybe even thousands - of features that makes APM the perfect solution for the savvy entrepreneur.

Holly Cotter



A new way for you to analyze and evaluate your small business

Google Analytics is the premiere system for tracking everything that happens on your website automatically. 

With APM, you can simply plugin your Google Analytics tracking code, setup your Analytics account so that Ecommerce Tracking is enabled, and let Google handle the rest! 

  • You'll have detailed stats on:
  • What products you sold
  • Where sales came from
  • Your conversion rate
  • and much more!


 Automate Your Marketing

Attract more leads and turn them into customers - while you do other things. Action Plus Marketing (APM) streamlines your processes by automating your lead capture and automating payment of your partners and affiliates. 

If you and your partner co-create a Membership Site, and you have a team of sales people who are referring customers to you using their unique Affiliate Links created through APM, here's how that would work...

Let's say that the product sells for $100. The affiliate on your sales team receives a 25% commission for referring each new sale.  The balance is split equally between you and your partner.

With APM's use of the PayPal Adaptive Pay API, the sale would come into your PayPal account and you would see $100 being added to your balance.

Invisible to the customer, APM would then automatically take 25% of the purchase price, or $25, and pay it to the referral affiliate who referred the sale.

Of the remaining $75, APM would then pay your partner his $37.50, again invisible to the customer.  And you would have $37.50 net remaining in your PayPal account.

With the powerful tools built into APM, you can even have the new customer added to BOTH your autoresponder and your partner's autoresponder automatically!


Sell Online

Sell more online. APM's e-commerce tools help you manage your online store, inventory, fulfillment and billing from a single system.

Offer upsells, discounts using coupon codes, payment plans and subscription plans.  APM even allows you to sell physical products &  utilize your favorite Fulfillment Service! 

Just follow the simple setup instructions and your Fulfillment Service will automatically get everything they need to ship the order to your customer!


Action Plus Marketing is an Intelligent, Flexible & Fully Adaptable System... Like Nothing Else on the Market!

Here's just a handful of the features you'll have access to with APM:

  • An affiliate program that will instantly pay affiliates and partners at the point of sale on every sale, while effortlessly managing and tracking referrals and payments through PayPal.
  • Includes PayPal's Shopping Cart that can be configured to let customers checkout effortlessly. This allows you to sell many different types of products (including physical products) because sales tax and shipping fees can be collected at the point of sale.
  • Create an unlimited number of membership sites with an unlimited number of membership levels in each one.  If your Membership Site offers a Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level of membership, each one with different content, you'll love how easy it is to setup using APM!
  • Easily organize and manage Joint Ventures with ease while keeping each one (and the partner(s) involved with them) separate from the others.
  • Integrate any autoresponder - You can automatically subscribe your customers, including your members, to whatever autoresponder or CRM system you use!  APM has been approved by many autoresponder companies for use in adding your buyers to your list in an automated way.  This includes:  aweber, MailChimp Get Response, InfusionSoft, and Premium Web Cart just to name a few.
  • Use PayPal's Adaptive API payment system, to do:
  • Standard Single Payments
  • Subscription Payments
  • Subscription Payments with a different priced Trial
  • Payment Plans
  • Sales where the price per sale increases based on time or number of purchases (often referred to as a "Dimesale")
  • Payments with Sales Tax and Shipping Fees
  • Use any design you want on your sales pages, opt in pages, or members areas - zero constraints, zero limits, zero "cookie-cutter" templates. Let your creativity go wild! All the complicated scripts and marketing tools are kept separate from the design to let you create a look that's uniquely your own.
  • Easily create stylish menus and sidebars - Want a horizontal navigation bar with drop down menus or sidebar navigation on the left? No problem. Don't like that look and would rather have a sidebar navigation on the right or maybe no navigation at all? One click makes it happen. No copying and pasting - no programming hassles.
  • Customize Upsells and Downsells - Create limited time offers, one-time offers, upsells, downsells and login-only offers for your members. You can even change the offers they see so that there's always something different to entice them!


Action Plus Marketing Keeps Your Products and Your Customers' Personal and Financial Information Secure and Safe

 Here's just a handful of the security features built into APM:

  • Ironclad product protection - Customers receive temporary download links that expire after a timeframe you set, meaning they can't share the link with their friends or on forums.

  • Preventive search spider indexing your secure pages - Keep search engines from indexing your download and thank you pages.
  • Instantly create coupon codes that allow you and your affiliates to give special people a discounted price for a limited time to improve sales, conversions and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Pay affiliates immediately - Send affiliates their commission the moment a buyer places their order. No more waiting, no more tallying, no more headaches! Affiliates LOVE this!
  • No More Accounting - APM is able to automatically process all you income and expenses so at the end of the year, you just print out your year end reports and your taxes are ready to prepare.


APM Provides You With a Total Membership Management Toolbox

 Here's just a handful of the Membership Site features built into APM:

  • Drip membership products automatically. That means if subscriber A joined at launch to get a new product every month, and Subscriber B joined six months later, Subscriber B would start at the same point as Subscriber A - because it isn't fair for Subscriber B to pay one month's membership fees and get access to six months worth of products, is it? Of course not!

Action Plus Marketing handles product drip and user subscription levels automatically, so you can focus on creating great products that people love.

  • Restrict products automatically - Want to reward people who take action quickly? Use Action Plus Marketing's product restriction option to give members the newest content first, while forcing them to pay for previous releases. This is just one of the many ways you can consistently earn money while rewarding your members - a win-win for everyone!
  • Create multiple membership sites and have different settings for each of them! Want to restrict products on one and drip feed products on another? It's possible with Action Plus Marketing!


APM is a Complete Affiliate Recruitment Solution

APM provides you with a central affiliate management hub. You are able to provide affiliates with everything they need to be a resounding success when promoting your products, including...
  • Email Messages
  • Text Ads
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • PDF Files
  • Banner Ads
  • Videos
  • Squeeze Page (Let your affiliates build a powerful list with your products!)
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instant Commissions: The #1 Benefit that NO OTHER SYSTEM On the Market Comes Close to Duplicating!


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